Why Hugo?

Everything is a page, markdown-first.

By Alison Hill

January 26, 2021

Why Hugo?


TIME: ⏱ 10 minutes

Let’s use this time to configure your new Hugo site.

Site configuration

Edit your config.toml file. This is your basic Hugo site configuration file. It is not quite YAML- it is written in TOML, which means we have key = value instead of key: value pairs.

Biggest payoffs right away will be to switch up the built-in font choice:

  # alternatively, use a built-in font-family
  # serif options: Fraunces / EB Garamond / Bitter
  # sans-serif options: Commissioner / Alegreya Sans / Metropolis
  customtextFontFamily = "Commissioner"
  customheadingFontFamily = "Fraunces"

And the built-in site color theme:

  # use a built-in color theme
  # one of: forest / grayscale / peach / plum /
  #         poppy / sky / violet / water
  theme = "sky"


Open up data/social.yaml and add your social links there. Use these parameters in your config.toml file to control where they show up:

  # show/hide social icons in site header/footer/home page
  socialInHeader = false
  socialInFooter = true
  socialInHome = true