Sam's Emotions

How do you feel today?

Hello and welcome to my site. My name is not Sam and these are not my emotions; generally. However, I do hope that you will enjoy the collections that this site contains. As Helen De Cruz has written; “Thought experiments are tools philosophers and scientists use to investigate how things are, without actually having to go out and experiment in the real world.” I am investigating the possibility that various forms of literature can also satisfy our curiosity in this regard as well. Here, you will find stories, musings, quips and the like. It will generally span my own interests, largely in philosophical conceptions of virtue (read virtue ethics and epistemology) and knowledge (read epistemology), specifically moral knowledge (read moral epistemology). Specifically, I am interested in questions about moral knowledge and virtue from the perspective that they may be found, if possible, in narratives, stories, song lyrics, and things like that; things that you might find in popular culture; more generally.

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